Founded in 1999, Creative Ideas Simple Solutions, Inc. (CISS) is a premier information technology (IT) strategy and solutions company, focused on servicing the needs of Federal Government and Commercial clients undergoing transformation.    CISS has a strong reputation for delivering creative solutions on-time and on-budget with the agility of a small business, and the maturity of a large business.    We do this through operational excellence delivered through a very experienced team with a penchant for creativity and innovation.

CISS offers a wide range of management consulting, technology and outsourcing services and solutions with special emphasis in database and development technologies.  Our industry knowledge of existing and emerging technologies enables us to formulate and implement solutions under demanding time and budget constraints.    Our intent is to help stretch IT budgets allowing expansion of modernization footprints on the same dollar.  Our hope is this will keep patrons coming back.

CISS offers a high level of practical experience, know-how and a full spectrum of services and solutions that address IT challenges common across industries. CISS software professionals will work with you to enable the transformation of your business processes as well as Software Consulting & Development methodologies and processes, plus your approaches to quality and implementations. Our experience and structure allows us to provide your organization the necessary careful attention you deserve without bearing undue fiscal burden to achieve it.


CISS Mission:

In all of our pursuits the CISS mission is to seek out simplicity in our solutions.    Our goal is to avoid unnecessary complexity and over-complication leading to extra expense.     We use our knowledge of emerging technology to synthesize simple yet elegant and creative solutions.

In doing so, CISS helps organizations and business owners to prioritize and plan initiatives to meet their objectives, and successfully implement practical solutions that drive measurable value.    Our experience and structure allows us to provide organizations the necessary careful attention deserved without bearing undue fiscal burden to achieve it, or waiting lengthy periods to realize returns on the investment.