Software Development, Modernization & Engagement (DME) is the system of applying an engineering discipline to the design, implementation, and maintenance of software systems. CISS employs a disciplined and standardized approach to software development, both in its managerial and technical aspects. This disciplined approach for constructing information systems through the use of common methods and techniques helps standardize all aspects of software development from the early stages of system specification through to maintaining the system after its deployment.


Comprehensive Software DME Services

CISS provides our customers teams of software analysts, programmers, and engineers to develop new custom software, customize functionality, maintain applications, and integrate disparate software to meet business needs. The use of mature, stable software development discipline is proven to yield repeatable processes that translate into greatly reduced errors and reliable delivery against schedule and budget constraints.  Specific DME services include:

  • Requirement review and estimations to define solutions.
  • Design, develop and test software refinements.
  • Test and certify solutions through unit, integration, security and regression methods.
  • Conduct application deploy.