Experience the Grace of Maa Biraja


The great mother Goddess Biraja, the immaculate stands as the epitome of Śakti worship since time immemorial she is virtually the incarnation of Goddess Earth, the first mother Goddess of the Vedic Āryāns. Being the presiding deity of the great Pitṛ-Tīrtha Virajāh-Tīrtha beside the sacred river Vaitaraṇī is known all over India for her pristine glory and grandeur.

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Maa Biraja Puja Program Schedule 2022-23

07.09.2022–Subha Sunia
18.09.2022–Nitya puja
26.09.2022–Ratha Pratistha
27.09.2022–Nitya puja
29.09.2022–Panchami Puja / Sunabesha
02.10.2022–Mahasttami Puja
03.10.2022–Mahanavami Puja
04.10.2022–Vijaya Dashami
09.10.2022–Kumara Utshava
14.01.2022–Makara Samkranti
21.01.2022–Triveni Amamasya
07.03.2022–Dola Utschhaba